Thursday, January 04, 2007

what an endorsement

You ever have one of those days when you don't want to cook for yourself? A day when the stress (or PMS, or work, or whatever) is just getting to you and you want comfort food. That was me yesterday. I sent the H-bomb a text (while I was sill at work at 8am) to see if she wanted lunch. Yay, she did! We planned to have me pick her up and go to Pappadeaux for some rockin' dog awesome fried goodness. I got the shrimp po' boy (with extra pickles...mmmmmmmmm) while she was good and got a salad with fried crawfish (okay, so maybe not that good). It was delightful! Then I went home, slept, got up, showered and went to choir. Afterwards, Kaycee and I decided we needed sustinance. After throwing the names of places around that were close to church, she guessed it...Pappadeaux. Did I complain? Hell no! So for dinner I got the greek salad and crawfish bisque. Then we split the banana pudding. Oh heavenly goodness that abounds in your mouth with bananas and wafers! It was exactly what I needed yesterday.

Now what can I have today to lift my spirits? I'd just be happy to hear from the boy.


Heather said...

naner pudding is the bees-knees!! As is the crawfish bisque...however, I think my salad made me sick yesterday!!

A Naughty Mouse said...

That's what happens when all you eat is salad. We'll fix that tonight with some bloody cow!