Wednesday, January 10, 2007

catch up time

Good Lord, there are so many things I've wanted to type the past few days, but I haven't had time to sit in front of the computer for longer than 3 minutes in a spell. I'll try to keep it all to a minimum.

Crazy Cat Lady
I love my Cornelius! The other night when I got home from the post Bible study pub crawl, he was so happy to have me home. He just had to be next to me touching me in sort fashion--usually sitting on my leg. Anywho, when I finally gave up the ghost and turned out all the lights for bed (I stayed up til 2:30; I was proud I stayed up that long on a night off), he left me all alone. For a cat who couldn't stand to be awat from me for 2 seconds earlier in the night, it didn't make sense. Lo and behold, about 2 minutes later, the boy jumped back up on the bed. From the foot of the bed he walked all the way up my side til he was standing on the side of my rib cage. I was about to protest when I felt a soft thud on my shoulder. My sweet kitten brought me Duckie! (Duckie is his favorite toy that has been resewn and repaired so many times there is no longer anything left to mend.) C'mon! How bloody cute is that?!?

Crazy Biologist Girl
Yes, I almost wrecked my car today because of a bird. When I was driving home past the lake today, I saw a belted kingfisher (go here for more info: I've never seen one inside any city's limits before. I almost freaked! They are totally cool because the female is actually more colorful than the male of the species (that's unusual in case you didn't know). I considered going back to look at it again, but I had to get home to a computer and see if I was gonna purchase...

NHL All Star Game! I got this email from the Stars association thingy about how they were releasing some "leftover" tickets for the All Star game. I would (almost) give my eye teeth to go to that game. However, the least expensive tickets are $130, and there were not 2 seats together anywhere in the AAC for that price. Please! Do they think I'm made of money? Only if they think money is made of skin, fat, and red hair. Pshaw!

I'm sure there is other stuff I wanted to add, but my brain is tired now. After reading 80 urine samples and 42 fecal slides, all I wanna do is sleep (no not "have some fun"--good Lord, I hate Sheryl Crow anyway--stupid hooker broke up Lance and his wife then split after the fun was gone in my humble and probably incorrect opinion).

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Heather said...

Belted Kingfisher?!?!?!?! You know, Sin only you would A) know what that was and B)almost wreck your car trying to get a better look at it. However, that's why we all love you...crazy woman! Yeah, I'm tired...need more caffiene....can too much coffee give you a tummy ache??