Friday, January 05, 2007

stream of consciousness musings at 5am

So, I actually finished all my work super early. I'm glad the new guy started working nights (even if he is slow as molasses). I got to concentrate on the important tasks.

Why do vets insist on ordering a direct when there is plenty for a float? Why can't they let me decide on which is a better choice. I am the expert.

When you eat broccoli with dinner, it's a good thing when you work with poop. That way, if you pass gas (God forbid), you can blame the smell on the specimens. Not that I would know this from experience or anything.

Why are girl friends sooooooooo much better than guy friends? I had dinner with 2 friends tonight, and they did everything in their power to cheer my sorry ass up. At one point, the H-bomb looked at me and said "stop it." I'm all like "what?" She said "I know that look. Stop it." What amazing friends I have.

Why is it near impossible to get some people to respond to you in a timely fashion? How hard is it for someone to say, you know I'm busy and can't spend a lot of time talking, but yes, I got your email/phone call/note. Thanks for being an ass! (you know who you are)

In the same vein, how hard is it for someone to say "thank you" when you do them a favor? Better yet, why can't they make 10 minutes for you when they are in town after a long absence? I have tried, and I am done with that one.

Why has the Corn Muffin started to revel in the swirling of flushing toilet water? Sometimes when I'm in the bathroom brushing my teeth or washing my face, he'll come in and hang around the toilet until I flush it. Then he jumps up on the rim and splashes a paw in the water. I've raised a freak.

Ya, pms is not a good thing for me. Thanks for putting up with my complaints and musings. Mmmmm, Muse. Love them!

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Anonymous said... know we all love you..even when your sorry ass is cranky as balls! But at least you have good reason to be eh? I shall still keep my fingers crossed...well, actually they are crossed for you and my sister. Schnikes. Thank buddha it's friday.