Tuesday, September 21, 2010

the rest of the story

Sorry I didn't post more about the vacation like I said I would, but the netbook decided it didn't want to play nice. So here is the rest of the story.

Saturday--After falling asleep the night before with a 90th birthday party right outside our casita window (it was lovely), we awoke and went the 30 or so yards to the lovely patio for breakfast. Mother and I split a fabulous French toast made from brioche while enjoying the chilly morning sun. I had a massage scheduled for that morning so we parted ways while I got rubbed. After the super relaxing massage, I sat in the sauna for a little bit. I was like sitting inside a jar of Mentholatum! The steam was uber-infused with eucalyptus. After getting all cleaned up, we got the car and headed to another resort called Encantado (http://www.aubergeresorts.com/hotels-resorts/encantado/) just outside of town. Mother had planned for us to have lunch there and meet with their sales person for a tour of the property. It was completely different from La Posada: more spread out, not walking distance from anything, but with a view to die for. Mom's friend who will be spending Christmas there with her entire family will enjoy it a lot! The rest of the afternoon was lazily spent until we went to dinner at The Compound (http://www.compoundrestaurant.com/indexmain.html). Needless to say, we were well fed all day long! Funny aside: people in Santa Fe eat dinner early! We had 7:30 reservations, and by the time we were finished, the place was not even half full. However, when we got there it was packed to the gills. Hmmm.

Sunday--Once again, Mother and I had breakfast on the glorious patio. Today we were joined by a couple of bacon loving bees. Damn bees. This was not the start to a good day. Mother went and had a massage, and I took the car and drove south for a 2 hour horseback ride. Holy mother of all that is good and beautiful, if you ever go to New Mexico, you must go riding at Broken Saddle Riding Company (http://www.brokensaddle.com/). To say that I enjoyed it would be an understatement of epic proportions. I was on a big black Tennessee Walker mare named Danvers. I want her. Holy moly, I've never had such a relaxing and comfortable gallop in my life. I barely even had to hold on to the reins! If I ever make it back to NM, I will go there again. So that was the highlight of the day. Sadly, the ride was delayed and then went long. I was expected back at the resort by 2pm, but we didn't even get back to the paddock until about 1:50. I had to walk around for a couple of minutes to get the feeling back in my knees and feet, then I was on the way back. I couldn't even get a cell signal until about 2:15 (yes, Cerrillos is in the middle of nowhere) to call and give an ETA. By the time I got back, took a quick shower, and was ready to go for lunch, it was 2:55pm. My poor mother waited for me and was starving! She'd spoken to the concierge, and they took us to a restaurant that closed for lunch at 3:30. "As long as you're seated, they will serve you" they said. Hah. They closed at 3, and we got there at 3:02. Needless to say, we didn't eat there. Mother was furious--likely so. We ended up walking back up the hill to the resort. After a little bit of grousing and pouting on both our parts, we ended up at the bar (with football on the tv of course). We moved outside to the now famous patio, imbibed with a drink, had a waaaaay late lunch/early dinner, and split the most random version of a banana split ever (chocolate covered frozen bananas, chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry ice creams, some caramelly sauce, and whipped cream, shaved chocolate and fresh strawberries--yummy). When the Cuban band started to play, we went back to the room, got comfy, and listened to the band while watching MASH on TVland. It was a nice ending to a rather poopy afternoon.

Monday (last day, awwwwww)--Upon waking, we decided against a large breakfast and started the sad duty of packing our bags. Once I finished, I went to sit in the sauna for 15 minutes (sore from the ride the day before) to relax the muscles I hadn't used in a loooooong time. Then Mother and I walked and looked at the art she was considering. Then we finally moseyed our way back into the main plaza area to do some shopping. There were a lot of really nice turquoise pieces (duh), but the Natives are pround of their wares (and for good reason). I got quite of bit of Christmas shopping done, and I got a couple of things for myself (really beautiful silver and turquoise necklace and toe ring). Then we went back to the place that dissed us the day before and ate lunch (http://www.pasquals.com/). Oh damn, it was worth the wait. Mother had the most amazing tamale and chile relleno lunch while I had a fabulous grilled chicken sandwich. I mean, really-->how often can you really brag about a grilled chicken sandwich? It was perfectly cooked, had manchego cheese and caramelized onions, and was served on chile-cornbread. DAMN! Then we wandered slowly back up the hill to the resort to get the car and leave the beautiful burg of Santa Fe. It was sad to leave, but it was necessary if we were to catch our flight out of Albequirky. We did, however, skip the interstate and take the Turquoise Trail (state hwy 14) back to the city. It was a pretty drive through the Ortiz mountains. When we arrived at the airport (much earlier than we anticipated), we just happened to sit right next to the gate where the early flight to DFW was leaving. As it happened, they put us on that flight and gave us a new claim check for the bag! I love small airports where people are actually nice and helpful. We arrived at DFW about the same time our original flight was to depart (except the original flight was delayed so we got in even earlier). A good end to a good trip.

So now I'm home again. The boys haven't left my side much since I walked in the door. Thomas slept glued to me most of the night, and he's in here with me now. I'm afraid to go to work tonight and leave them alone. Thank goodness for the best BF in the entire world for taking care of them for me while I was away!

Friday, September 17, 2010


As I lay here in my bed at the resort in Santa Fe, NM, I thought I would blog about the vacation so far.

I got the phone call from mother this morning a little after 7am saying that she had just gotten out of the shower. She was supposed to leave her house and pick me up at about the same time. Whoops. She picked me up about 7:30, but the traffic gods smiled on us. We still made it to the airport in enough time to check in and get to the gate with about 15 minutes to spare. We checked one bag between the 2 of us, but it failed to make the flight with us to Albequerque. Soooooo glad we paid for that. BTW--if you pay to check luggage on American, they will not guarantee that it will get there the same time you do. In fact, if you pay the stupid fee, you take it into your own hands. American will NOT refund the fee you paid for your checked bag. Stupid American Airlines!!! Anywho, we got to Albequerque on time, got our car (upgraded to a Hyundai Santa Fe--nice ride), and drove up to Santa Fe. Gosh it's pretty up here. And, OMG, the weather!!! So nice and cool and not the least bit humid! We got to the resort, got our room, and had a bite to eat on the patio cafe. I had the CLT (chorizo, over easy egg, lettuce, and tomato on sourdough sandwich--minus the tomato of course), and it was sooooooooooo yummy!!! Sadly, I totally couldn't finish it. Mother had some sort of Cobb salad that looked good (also had chorizo and manchego). Then we had a little mini tour of the town from the sales manager here--a friend of Mother's boss. Such a great little arty town! We finally got back to the room where I crashed for a good hour and a half. At 4pm, there was a Chef's wine and nibble reception in the main kitchen followed by an art tour of the resort. They sell a lot of original art here. Some of it is quite good, but the least expensive thing I really liked was $650. No bueno! We finished out the day with drinks and "dinner" on the patio with a really nice local couple. Now, I'm afraid it is time for bed. I look forward to much nap time this weekend. It's my VACATION!!!

Thursday, September 09, 2010

who needs sleep?

After all the bloody rain we've had here in the past 48 hours, the frogs/toads/wtf-ever have come out in force. I can't sleep for all the racket in my back yard. I hate these things whatever they are. To make matters worse, I'm trying to figure out what pitches and intervals they are singing. Yes, I'm a true and total dork. I gave up and took 1/2 a darvocet (my back was killing me) and a benedryl. Maybe some warm milk is in order. Arrgh!!!

Thursday, September 02, 2010

what's a 2 month leave of absence?

I really am going to hell. I've got the best freaking intentions all the time of posting something. Needless to say (since there has been nothing to read for two months), I have been remiss. And since the road to hell is paved with all them there good intentions, I'll keep a seat warm for you.

So a little recap:
July--It was the BF's birthday so I took him to the Ranger game with some friends. I started doing Bikram yoga. I worked like a fiend. August--I kept doing the Bikram. I spent almost $700 on my car on various problems. I worked like a fiend. I caught a cold (wish I'd missed it). Now it's September.

A few things I noted during my leave:
I have a new appreciation for grackles. Yep, the big loud black birds. When I was walking to my car one day, I saw a large male grackle catch a grasshopper midair and eat it. I detest grasshoppers/crickets/cicadas (except for the noise they make on summer nights) so this made me happy.
Kitten hiccups are almost as cute as kitten snoring.
My boyfriend is a total keeper--he rescued me at the Dallas Galleria when my car died one Sunday night. Then he drove me all around until we found a place to buy a battery. Sadly, that didn't completely fix the car so he drove me back to the mall the next morning to meet the tow truck guy. Keeper.
Like the boyfriend, my mother is awesome.
I've inherited a neighborhood cat. His owner just quit taking care of him. I'm a softie so he's mine now.

Okay, that's enough for now. I gotta go eat some ice cream now. <3