Friday, January 19, 2007

I was right

I need to learn to listen to my instincts. I was right. Every man is a dog. The boy has been cheating on me. Glad I found out. At least I was feeling paranoid for a reason.


Heather said...

Every man is not a dog! You shall be allowed to have a pity party-complete with a moderate amount of alcohol or chocolate if necessary. Then...we shall kick your self confidence into gear and get back on the horse so to speak!

You know your friends have your back....or a handy baseball bat for hitting key areas on bodies/cars in a fit of vengence.
Chin up Missy!! You can do it.

Wil said...

Okay now I understand Heather's statement.

I agree with Heather. Too bad I don't know the entire story as it should be.

There are more do....I mean fish out there.

I still love ya.

Anonymous said...

Megan says-
Tell me about it. *hug* Let me know when you're free and we can have a bitch-fest.

Andrew said...

Fuck. I'm with Sin. We must be bastards.