Saturday, January 13, 2007

the almost perfect date

It's sad, really, when you have to plan a date with your sweetie way in advance just so you can spend time with each other. That's what we did this past Thursday night, and it was almost perfect.

We started off by going to a Stars game. Unfortunately, the Stars didn't show up so we watched the Mighty Ducks play what was obviously some local high school hockey club team. There were a couple of good fights, but the refs seemed to be against the "Stars" in every penalty call. Oh well. As he said, it's not whether the Stars win but the fact that we're together. What a sweetie! There was also talk of whether of not we could catch a puck where we were sitting. I said yes, he said not on your life (we were in the nosebleed section but on the front row). One can only hope, right? Anyway, he went off to get a drink and missed the high school team's only goal and a fantastic boarding by one of the "Stars" to a Duck. Copious amounts of blood and everything! I was starting to get worried that maybe he'd left me there because he was so bored, but he finally returned. He'd gotten a drink for me (the correct choice without even asking, too). After he sat down, I heard this "Wait, what's that?" as I saw something fly though the air. All of a sudden there was a puck at my feet. What the poo? They weren't even playing. The boy bought a puck while he was away and tossed it toward me so I could catch a puck in my nosebleed seat. Is there anything sweeter??? When the debacle of a game finally ended (1-5), we left and went back to his place to watch a movie. I love that I'm in love with a guy who likes animated movies! We watched Madagascar, and he had to endure me telling him the differences between all the different lemurs and little obnoxious facts about them. "The one on the left is a ruffed lemur; that little cute one is a bush baby; did you know that lemur societies are matriarchal?" Poor guy.

The only way the date would've been perfect is if the Stars had come to the game and beaten the Mighty Ducks. I mean, c'mon, how threatening can a team with a name like "Mighty Ducks" really be? None of the scary creatures from horror movies are ever webbed footed avian creatures. Bah!

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