Saturday, January 20, 2007

new favorite song

From The Faint's most recent album:
(I completely understand, but no worries folks. Really, it's a fantabulous song that just happens to coincide with my life at the moment. It's even as good as Southern Belles in London Sing.)

I disappear
I lost control
My body's moving all on it's own
I watch myself walk away
A foreign spirit took my place
An empty stare
its eyes are dull
So my essence
it's riding my pulse
A Burst of black
A Breath of smoke
I disappeared
I lost control
How could I resist
It's all I've wanted
now I guess I've got it
Why it happened
I don't know
Hope this doesn't last forever
I disappear


A Naughty Mouse said...

God, I love this song!!!
(yes, I just left myself a comment)

Andrew said...

I'm so sorry Sin.