Friday, January 26, 2007

the die is cast...

...and DAMN do I feel better about life.

I started thinking to myself: "Self, why would you want to be in a relationship with this particular guy over someone else (or no one at all)?" I came up with the following list.

he likes me (says he loves me)
we both like Foamy
we both like steak
we both like animated movies
my family seems to like him

I'm allergic to his cigarettes
he's allergic to my cats
we hate each other's musical tastes
he hates where I live (the part of town)
he doesn't like to eat out adventurously
he drives like an old man (okay, I realize that's really picky)
he's never heard of Buckminster Fuller (again, picky but science is important to me)
he says he wants us to go out but we never really do
he's depressed (I think clinically)
he's only met 2 of my friends (and that was like pulling teeth)
he's a workaholic
I don't think I can trust him
he hates my shoes (but my mother agrees with him there)
his ex-wives

That's just a sampling of the cons but all of the pros I could come up with. Anywho, I feel a lot better about life at the moment. I've been single for a long time, and I'd rather be happy alone than hesitant and unsure with someone. I will still let him have his say, but I don't really expect to be swayed. Time will tell....


Heather said...

You forgot that he knows you are allergic to his smoking but continues to smoke in front of you! I think in retribution you should purposefully sprinkle clumps of cat hair in various spots around his apartment!

Andrew said...

I'm proud that you're being strong about this. Just make sure you're making that decision because you want to and not cause you're afraid or tired of the doubt