Tuesday, January 16, 2007

my Charlie Chaplin moment

With the nasty cold as Dante's hell weather came the wind. The wind has never really caused me much trouble before (except when I still had Zeppo) until yesterday. After church and lunch, KC and I went to the grocery store to help her kill time and because I needed kosher salt. Well, on our way out of the building (without my salt, dagnabit!), the wind caught my cute little black velvet hat I got in the Land of Eng. I had to chase that puppy through the parking lot for about 2 rows. What made it hilarious was that everytime I got close to catching it, the wind would pick up again and carry it a little farther away from me. There was one man walking though the lot while this was happening, and he and KC couldn't quit laughing. A true gentleman would've helped me stop the windnapped hat. It was so cold that once I caught it, I had to put it back on. Eeeew! Now it was all wet and cold. Damn and blast! I think KC will remember that for some time to come.

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Heather said...

I just got this great mental picture of you racing around trying to grab your evasive hat! HA! Glad you finally caught it and yes...if that guy were a gentleman, he would have helped you catch the halt.