Wednesday, June 30, 2010


That about says it all. I'm gonna tell you all way more than you want to know. Well, not really, but you'll be able to imagine.

For the next two weeks (or three if it doesn't work well), I've got to be on a low fiber diet. I've got to try and do low residue for a couple of days to kick start this craziness, but I'm not going to go overboard. Being on the stupid prednisone for 4 months really screwed up my GI system. Actually, it's more going off the pred that's causing the problems. Supposedly it is a common side effect. Can't say as I'm a fan. One good thing is that I get to eat cheese everyday. CHEESE!!!!! I love me some cheese. Sadly, all my favorite TV snacks are out: blanched green beans and asparagus, raw carrots and celery, and almonds. Damn. Oh, and no popcorn. Dangit.

Have fun eating all the wonderful fruits and vegetables of the summer season. Hopefully I can join you in a couple weeks.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Albertsons vs Central Market

Color me all shades of perturbed. Last night I needed a couple basic grocery things so I went to the Albertsons close to my house. I got bread, a head of green leaf lettuce, ice cream (yes--it is a basic grocery in summertime Texas), and yogurt. Today I met Mother at Central Market after work to get a couple of things that I really only get there. While I was shopping for my fancy pants green beans, quinoa, and salami, I noticed something very disturbing. The lettuce I got at Albertsons was 10 cents less than at CM, but the heads at CM were bigger and of better quality. The same loaf of Oatnut bread was 40 cents less at CM. Most disturbing of all, the same Haagen Daz ice cream I got at Albertsons was more than a dollar less expensive at CM. And here I thought I was saving money by avoiding the basics at Central Market. Damn and double damn. On top of my fried chicken disaster, I've had quite the culinary awakening this week.

Granted, when I'm at Central Market, I do tend to get a few things I would normally not get just because they are there. =)

Monday, June 21, 2010

whirlwind weekend

Friday: Take the day off work to relax before I head out of town. Hahahahaha! More like drive all over the place to run last minute errands then realize the car is overheating. Go to the garage for them to tell me one of the cooling fans is dead--don't take your car for drives over 10 minutes. Um, how am I gonna get to Waco? Thank God for Mom. Leave town at 5:30pm (yes, it was rush hour but we weren't rushing) and drive just past Waco to McGregor. Visit with the peeps til late and hit the sack.

Saturday: Start the day shooting bows and arrows then pistols at hay bales. Get cleaned up, drive to Waco for errands, short nap time, party time until late. Have tons of fun with the birthday girl and all her friends. Stay up too late like normal.

Sunday: Mmmmmm, homemade pancakes. Nom nom nom! Hit the road by 9:30am to drive back to Dallas. Home by noon, back out the door by 12:30 to hit the grocery and go to Dad's to cook Father's Day lunch (which got served about 3:30, but that's another post). Come home after making sure no one would be infected with salmonella and took a nap. Sooooo didn't want to get up so after I did wake up, went back to sleep within the hour. Haha! At least I watched Family Guy with my man.

There. Two posts in 4 days. I'll get back in the habit, I swear.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

me versus the june bug

Finally something blogworthy. This working 60 hour weeks has made the Naughty Mouse very boring. Let this tale from last night entertain you.

I got home from work and delivering cucumbers to my mother about 9:45 last night. After the requisite checking email, washing face, cup of tea, I hit the bedroom. While I was watching Robert Pattinson on Leno (yes, I AM embarrassed to admit that), I felt something tickling my neck. I reached down thinking my hair was caught in my necklace. Nope. There was something large and crunchy on my neck. Yes dear friends, it was a june bug. **shudder** I grabbed the thing and threw it onto the floor. I thought I'd either killed it or stunned it because that thing did not move. And trust me, I stared at it for a good long time. Ernest went and poked at it himself and found it to be quite uninteresting. Okay, back to the TV. A few minutes later--brzzzztttt! The damned thing flew at me and hit me in the side of the face. After I jumped out of bed squealing like the girl I am and flinging sheets and pjs in all directions, I realized that the thing was a stealth fighter. It was gone. I have no idea what happened to it. Needless to say, it was hard to get to sleep. Once I did fall asleep, I figured it was for the night. Wrong. About 1:30am, I had a weird feeling on my right thigh like it was being poked by a thorn or bitten by an ant or something. I turned on the light, flung back the sheets, and lo and behold, that damned june bug was back sticking his pokey icky june bug feet in my leg as he was crawling around. Ugh! Once again, I threw him on the floor. Once again I stared at him/her/it for a good long while. Then I put a cup on top of him so he could NOT disturb me again. Try going back to sleep after that.

And for the record, yes, it IS still under the cup.