Saturday, May 31, 2008

more about mice

This just cracks me up more than you know.

Neuroscientists at the St. Louis university found male mice burst out in song when they encounter sex pheromones from female mice, The Guardian reported. The songs aren't audible to humans because they are sung at an extremely high frequency. Researchers Tim Holy and Zhongsheng Guo said they made their discovery while testing how male mice responded to sex pheromones. The scientists said within seconds of encountering female mouse urine, the males began emitting ultrasonic songs. The scientists recorded the sounds and then made them audible to the human ear by slowing the audio track and lowering the pitch, while retaining the tempo. Such courtship melodies are common among birds, insects, and frogs, but such behavior in mammals has previously been thought limited to humans, whales and bats. The study appears in the open access journal, Public Library of Science, Biology.

Copyright 2005 by United Press International

why oh why?

Okay, this is another not so chipper post, but it will have a good ending. Promise!

Here's my question of the day: why do I let myself hope for things that are so unreasonable? Do I purposely doom myself? Kinda like when I fell for a married guy--twice. No, I never did anything about it because that would be oh-so-seriously wrong. Maybe I have this mental thing that I only want things I can't have. Like the dream job. That'll never happen again, that's for damned sure. Of course I like where I am now, there's moving-up potential, and it's not a governmental agency. AND we have labs all over the world so there is actual moving potential. Kinda like that Maine idea last summer.... I could even go to South Africa if I got desperate enough for a real move (and see RAH again!). Anyway, I'm just being all conflicted at the moment. Maybe it's hormonal. =) Maybe I just need another sports car. Maybe I need to quit listening to Muse's "Map of the Problematique." Maybe I need a real vacation (not just spending all my "off time" in the frakking hospital). Or maybe I should just make that phone call and quit waiting for it to come to me....

Good ending as promised: got to IM with the Mayboy yesterday. He said he'd bring me some tea. What a great guy. Today he is at the birthplace of Confucius. He said it is up in the mountains in the middle of nowhere. Isn't a lot of China like that? He got to take the bullet train to get there. How cool is that? Ooh! Maybe he'll bring me a panda!

Friday, May 30, 2008


Okay kids, it's that time again. Time for the naughty mouse to have a little time to rant. Thank you in advance for your patience.

I'm sick of not being able to eat.
I'm sick of not being able to drink without hurting my stomach.
I'm sick of not being able to go out with my friends for these reasons.
I'm sick of my incision sites not healing well.
I'm sick of working too much for too little appreciation.
I'm sick of my cat eating my flip flops and kleenex boxes.
I'm sick of all my close friends going through tough times.
I'm sick of weeding the front flower bed and having the weeds return immediately.
I'm sick of hospital bills.
I'm sick of lots of things.

I really don't know how I'm gonna handle work for the next two weeks. The Mayboy is gone to China. He's only been gone 3 days, and things here already suck. I miss him. I want him to come back soon--and bring me something fun! I am running low on my blooming tea....

Thursday, May 29, 2008


No, I don't even watch it, but if one more person mentions the two hour finale!!! I think I'll spew. That could also be because I'm still having troubles eating and drinking--more so drinking. I guess I'm having one of the bad days, but I'm sick to death of taking a sip of tea and having it do somersaults in my stomach. When will it end???

Okay, thanks for the rant reading. I did have one fun thing happen today. I was sitting at the microscope when one of our couriers came over to me with this shit-eating grin on his face. My first thought is, Oh hell, what did he do this time? Surprisingly, he came over to compliment me on how good I look lately! It was so awesome! Definitely one of the best things that has happened to me in a long while. It really is the little things that make me happy. =) Funny thing was that he went up to a co-worker first and said something to the effect of "is it just me or has she lost A LOT of weight?" To know this guy makes it even funnier! What a sweetie! Forty pounds down, quite a few to go....

Okay, I think I've stayed up long enough after eating my piece and a half of sliced turkey breast. I'm going to read myself to sleep. Whoot! Everyone should really read Peter Sagal's Book of Vice. It's freaking hilarious!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

solid again

Well, after my week-o-liquids after the hospital stint, I am back on the solid foods. Again, thanks be to the gods!!! I was getting really tired of my homemade soup from the freezer. Granted, it was really good, but...everyday...every meal? Ugh! Yesterday's lunch was some stir fried tofu and carrots in a brown sauce. Yum! For dinner I was all stoked to go to Outback and get a baked sweet potato ('cause I didn't want to wait the hour plus to bake it myself). Would you believe they don't do them anymore?!? Sonsabitches! Way to ruin a girl's perfectly happy mood. Oh well, I got a plain potato instead. Not the same, but still a helluva lot better than that same soup again.

Monday, May 26, 2008


Ya ya ya. I've been off the radar for a while. Some of it was completely unintentional and part was due to an out of town "family" matter.

For those of you keeping track of the personal crap I'm dealing with, yes, I was in the hospital again this past week. I was on my way to movie night last Tuesday and needed a quick protein fix. Instead of hitting the Taco Bell drive thru (which I intended) I picked up something full of protein at the CVS when I got a prescription filled. Oh my gawd. Biggest mistake of my heretofore life. What I got was loaded with wheat gluten--a big no no. Gets all big and poofy in the tummy. About 3 hours after eating, I starting getting crampy pains in my abdomen. It kept getting worse and worse until I called the doc's office at 11:30pm (yes, I waited two and a half hours...sometimes I'm not brilliant). He said ER, I called mama, and off we went. I must admit, while it wasn't nearly as busy as the TV show ER, all the people behind the scenes were television worthy in their looks. My main nurse was cute as a freakin' button! Anywho, after about 2 gallons of blood was drawn and a CT scan was performed, I got admitted. Simply put, never again will I think that a semi private room is good enough. I obviously pissed off someone really important to get put in the room with the woman I was placed with. Don't get me wrong, I felt sorry for her and all, but DAMN! Complain much? Not like there was anything I could do about it. I was willing to share my pain meds just to knock her out. Oiy vey! Two nights of babble made me a stronger patient--I would've left that hospital even if I wasn't ready! So I was home Thursday night, back at work for a bit Friday, and back to "normal" on Saturday.

Next exciting thing was leaving town Sunday after singing to head two and a half hours south for a "family" matter. Whirlwind tour of central Texas. I'm home again, and I've had a very emotional 24+ hours. Those who know about it know. I will not elaborate here other than to say that CM is one of the most extraordinary people ever, and the kid is truly amazing. I love that kid. I did find an amazing shortcut though--such a beautiful drive home until I hit the burbs.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

it's solid

Yes, kids, I am officially on solid foods. Hell ya! Granted I'm starting with simple things, but the whole idea is exciting. Just have to remember not to take in too much at one time or I feel like I'll burst. Kinda like now, for instance. Nah, just a little full now. I made a tuna spread (ya, not too thrilling), and I had to keep tasting it to get it right spice wise. Trust me, it needed a lot. And instead of using a whole lotta mayo, I used half mayo and half low fat ricotta. Extra protein, baby! That and a lot of Penzey's spices. Thanks be to God for no spice restrictions.

In other news, I sang for the H-bomb's sister's wedding yesterday. I think it went rather well considering I had to sing immediately after the vows were taken. Okay, not that I'm a big softie or anything, but I know these people. I got a smidge teary eyed, and then I had to sing. Wow, that was interesting for the first couple of bars! :'-) Everyone loved it, especially the bride and groom which is what really mattered. Although the H-bomb's huge eye-wink and "rock on!" look almost made me crack up.

Finally, can you believe I actually turned down a lunch date Friday? I got a phone call about 10:30am asking if I could do lunch. Well, since I can't really eat anything good yet (and I looked like ass on a cracker that day), I turned him down. He asked how soon I could go out for lunch, and I estimated a couple of weeks. Let's see what happens then.... Why is it always the waaaaay older men? Meh, who cares! Bring it! He's fun, nice, honest, and uber safe. Case in point, I used to work with him. And I know his boss. Heh heh heh.

Well, I'm off to watch the rest of the Flyers/Penguins game to see who the Stars will play for the Stanley Cup. WHOOT! GO STARS!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

2 week update

Well, I made it two weeks. Whoo-hoo! My risk of complications drastically dropped today. Sweeeet (in the Napoleon Dynamite voice, of course). I also decided to make today my first real(ish) food day. Lunch was Bueno--the side of pintos and cheese--and dinner was Friday's--loaded mashed potatoes. Ate half of the lunch and was stuffed. Ate only ~1/3 of the dinner and thought I was gonna die. I think I learned a valuable lesson tonight: bacon is not my friend. At least not yet. Ugh! The good side though? Still no reflux issues, my BP is still in the "normal" range, and I'm officially down 30 pounds. Go me!

In other news, the bride to be will be getting hitched this Saturday (ergo the dinner out--had to skip the rest of the bachelorette party due to tiredness and soreness left over from last night's STOMPING of the Stars over the Red Wings--omg, so worth the pain to be there to see it--but I digress). I finally found out exactly where I have to be at what time on Saturday so I can sing for the bloody affair. Ya, it's a hike, but it'll be worth it for her. Although, the best part was watching her open the gifts at the party tonight. Nothing better than Condom Sense for a good bachelorette gift! Funny, the three "older" friends (including the sister) all had the same idea and shopped at the same place. Gotta love us women! Of course, being sat in a back corner by the men's room drinking our drinks out of penis shaped straws was also a fun part of the evening. The H-bomb kept saying things like "Don't forget your penis!" and "Is that a penis in your mouth?" Wow, we are fun but juvenile! =) Now, they are all out having fun at the dueling piano bar as I type. I'm a little jealous, but my bed is sooooooooooo much more comfy than a bar stool these days. Nightie night, kiddos!

Monday, May 12, 2008

2nd post op visit

I have graduated to full liquids! Hallelujah! I also got the rest of my staples out. Hallelujah! I've even been told I can resume my walking regimen. Will the good news ever end?!?!? Unfortunately, yes. Life goes on. That means I've got to fill out reviews for work, go to the grocery store, and watch the Stars lose to the Red Wings AGAIN. Oh well. At least life goes on!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

beautiful Sunday

Wow, today was gorgeous. Too bad I spent most of it in the lab. Silly supervisor can't schedule his way out of a paper bag sometimes. Oh well, not his fault my doc is going to Brazil and can't change my appointment for tomorrow. Thank goodness the May Boy was willing to give up some of his free Sunday time to come in and help me. We got a little more than half of tomorrow's work done today. Yippee.

Now I just have to wait until tomorrow to see what the doc is gonna let me eat. I'm not hungry at all today, and I should be. I've had next to no calories and not nearly enough protein. Oh, and I haven't taken my vitamins yet. Gotta do that.................okay, done. And 10 more calories in me.

I spent my afternoon after work over at mother's watching the local news while they broadcast the news from the field across from her house. Ya, they found a body over there this morning. Really awful Mother's Day for some poor woman. I can't even imagine. Maybe that's why I'm not hungry. Some sort of sadness for the family I never met. Or guilt for having such a loving family. Then I came home and watched Juno for the first time. Even knowing what it was all about, I still got all weepy. It was sweet, beautiful, sad, funny.... Good movie. Really glad I didn't see it in the theater though! I think I'll go and finish my pity party with a little frozen protein treat. And really, it's not that big of a treat, but I've got to eat something.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

weekend update

Wow, I feel like crap. I went back to work for the first time this morning. I didn't get there until about 8:25--only an hour later than my best helper ever! Luckily with 2 of us reading slides, we were finished by 2:30. SWEET! Afterward, I went by the grocery store to stock up on some of the stuff I'll be able to eat starting Monday: yogurt, low fat cream soups (an oxymoron?), applesauce, etc. To beat it all, I bought some baby food. Yes, Organic Gerber baby food. Dude, I need some variety and flavor, and I need it now! Anyway, I'll let you all know how the pureed organic sweet potatoes work for me. It's got to be better than the protein drink I've got here with me right now.

Oh, as to why I feel like crap: I think I laughed too much yesterday. Granted, this is not necessarily a bad thing. I did, also, reach a tad too far in reaching for something and carried something on the edge of my weight restriction. Oops. I've learned a valuable lesson in all that. And now, I believe my bed is hearkening to me.

Friday, May 09, 2008


Don't get me wrong: I love my friends. They are the best ever. However, I spent way too much time today laughing. OMG, my entire abdominal region is sooooooooooo sore! That and it's 10 til 9 and I'm getting ready to hit the hay. Guys, let's try to keep the humor to a minimum for just another week. I am healing from a major surgery, you know! ;-) Guess I'm gonna have to hit the sauce before bed after all. I am doing a great job of weaning myself off that stuff though. Not nearly as much as the days right after the hospital release!

One more week--no more laughing! I mean it.

the "dealio"

Okay okay okay! I give. I finally have time to blog (when my mind is not in a fog from the prescribed post-op pain meds). So for those chomping at the bit, here you go.

I had my surgery a week ago today. Things went very well, and now I am at home recovering for a few more days. I was in the hospital for a couple of days, then I was at my mother's for a few days. Now, I am able to walk, drive, and do all those sundry things people have to do on their own. I'm mostly off the pain meds, and I'm already totally off the blood pressure meds. Whoot! While the doc was in there, he also found a hiatal hernia and repaired that. Since then, I've now had a lick of reflux problem rear its ugly head. Yay! Hopefully the singing will be better sooner than anticipated.

That's about it. Nothing else exciting in my life. I'll update with more when it happens.