Tuesday, January 29, 2008

27 hideous dresses

Why do I let myself go to chick flicks??? They are either uber stupid or cause me great grief when I get home. I will admit, 27 Dresses was much better than I anticipated. I even debated ditching the friends since I was sleepy after my first day back at work. But they are my friends. I suffer for them. Pity me. ;-) Anyway, where was I? Oh ya, the girly movie. There were the couple of places I really wanted to bust out weeping but didn't. There were places I had to wipe the tears from the corners of my eyes. Then I leave, get in my car, and I just about lose it. WTF? I'm such a girl sometimes!!! Is it hormones? Is it age? Some sort of strange combination? I used to never cry at movies. Ask my mother; she'll tell you all about how while growing up I could watch Miracle on 34th Street with a totally straight face. Not anymore. I've even found myself getting teary while watching Hallmark or long distance commercials. And don't even mention the coffee commercial where the son comes home to surprise his family. That kills me!

So now I'm home trying to undo all the estrogen damage while watching the Stars kick some Canuck bootie. Wish me luck.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Monday Night Fun!

What do you do for fun on a Monday night? After I got home from my growth group meeting, I was kicking back with my fave Law and Order on TNT and brewing a pot of tea. All of a sudden I heard this *CRASH!* from the kitchen. WTP? Both of the cats are in the TV room with me. So I go into the kitchen and saw that my paperwhite had tried to commit suicide again. This poor plant has gotten waaaaay too big for the bitty pot it came with, and it jumped (for the 3rd time now) off of the window sill. Fine! I'll replant you outside. I've been trying to wait for it to get warmer, but I don't think P. Whitey wants to wait. Poor guy's gotten two feet tall while in the kitchen window. I only hope it can survive the crap ass move it got tonight. Keep in mind, I can't find my spade, it's too late to borrow Mother's, it's dark, and all I can find is a stick. Here's the result:

Note the stick helping to hold up the poor weak leaves. I hope that maybe I can get him a little deeper into the soil tomorrow when there is light. Poor P. Whitey! I wonder if he'll ever bloom?

Sunday, January 27, 2008

the pains of battle

So really it is more like the pains of cleaning. At some point yesterday I tweaked something in my back. It was sore when I went to sleep, but at 3:38am my back was screaming at me. WAKE UP WAKE UP!!! FIX ME!!! Does this mean I'm getting old? Since it was/is muscular, I say no to the old. I'm thinking it's just me being my usual graceful self. Nevertheless, I took 2 Aleve and slept the rest of the night on my heating pad--no worries, it turns itself off after a certain allotted time so I don't burn myself too badly. Stupid back.

Then there are the pains of relationships. Why, oh why, do I over analyze every blasted little thing? The poor XY works 6 days a week and is taking a class 2 days a week. God forbid that he ever be too tired to see me. Seeing him was supposed to be the one good thing about me not getting to leave town this weekend! Arrgh! Once again I have to thank the Hbomb for shrinking my head earlier tonight and telling me what I already knew: I'm over analyzing again. Gah! I guess it has something to do with the fact that I've become cabin fever girl being stuck in the house for the past week recuperating. I need to see people now that I'm (basically) well. I miss people (especially him). Oh well, I'll be back at work soon enough. That'll cure me!

So in closing, happy beginning of the week to you all. And ouch. Maybe I should use an ice pack now. =)

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Thank You!

A HUMONGOUS thank you to the Hbomb! She waded into the clutter that was my house, and now it is clean!!! Well, I told her not to bother with the kitchen (not bad) or the bedroom (too many clean clothes to put away and not enough time). Now I feel like I should have people over for a party. Hmmmm, that's actually a good idea. Anyway, one more time:


Thursday, January 24, 2008

yep, still sick

You think after a week of this farking crap, I'd be better. Nope. I am on the mend though. The official curse, um, I mean diagnosis, is bronchitis. Really Dr. Sherlock? You get that with the raspy rales in my chest. Gosh, you're smart. Okay, I'm not mad at him, I'm just cranky in general. Because of this illness, I didn't get to take my intended vacation. I was supposed to head down to Fredburg and San Antonio today. Since I'm still hacking up my lungs, I decided it would be best to try to heal. The worst part was hearing how upset my god daughter is about not being able to see me. Talk about serious sad face. I will make it down there eventually though. I'm hoping for sometime within the next month. I just want to get out of this town for awhile. And no, Denton doesn't cut it. The only good thing about skipping the trip is getting to see the XY this weekend. That makes up for a little of it.

Okay, the third period is about to start. Gotta go root on the Stars!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

what else should I be doing at 1:53am?

Yep. I'm awake. Go fig? I've had enough cough syrup to knock out an elephant, but I'm still awake. Prolly has something to do with still coughing. I've decided I want a lung transplant. Heck, better yet, make it a full immune system transplant. Give the Hbomb one, too, while we're at it.

I am soooooooooooooooo sick of coughing. The last 3 days, I've even coughed so hard as to cause myself to hurl. While driving. Wow, that's fun. I don't think I'm getting better. Thank goodness for nothing to do tomorrow except watch the Packers whoop up on the Giants.

Ya know that thin piece of wax-like paper stuff in a kazoo that makes it buzz? I feel like I have that just beneath my larynx. When I lie down to sleep, I sound like I've got a recorder in my chest. A really cheap recorder, too. The kind they used to pass out in grade school that never kept good pitch because it'd been dropped so many times. All buzzy in the chest. I guess it's better than having a fuzzy chest.

Okay, that's it for now. Take care people. And wash your hands!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Welcome to my world

So far, 2008 has not been my best friend. Things are, however, looking up!

This evil throat thing I've had going on since before Christmas has finally been solved. Yes, I did have a sinus infection at the end of 2007, but the sore throat and hoarseness never resolved. I kept calling my (normally excellent) GP, and his response was keep sucking on lozenges and drinking lots of liquid. Great. Thanks. In addition, I decided to "sweat it out" by eating everything spicy I could get my hands on--habanero salsa, spicy Vietnamese food, wasabi, etc. Nothing was working, and it was actually getting more sore and more raspy. So I finally made my appointment for today with the fancy schmancy vocal doctor. I mean, I do get paid for this voice when it's not so raspy. Would you believe that everything I was doing was exacerbating the problem? Ya, it's not even close to a throat infection. Gerd. No, really, I mean GERD. Stupid freaking acid reflux. It hasn't bothered me in at least a year. Well, it decided to rear it acidic ugly head and make my vocal cords all inflamed and swollen. Stupid GERD! Now I am on official vocal rest for 3 weeks. Yes, you read me right--THREE WEEKS!!! Gosh, don't these people know me? Luckily, I can talk reasonably often--just no screaming at Stars games or Cowboys playoff games. Oh wait, there won't be any of those. Okay, no screaming at Brett Favre viewings. =) Simply put, I'll be taking a crap load of Prilosec, Gaviscon, anti-caffeinated beverages, and non-spicy food for the next while. Joy.

2008. Bring it on. I'm ready for ya.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

search for the holy grail (of recipes)

So, my favorite chef called me tonight to ask my assistance. She wanted my dolma recipe. Well, it's not mine per se. So while we are on the phone and she is filling me in on the saga of her father's run in with a brown recluse (pray that all goes well and he is released from the hospital soon!), I start rummaging through all my random recipes. It's not in the "collection" of stuff I've got in my personal cookbook. Then I start looking through all the loose leaf pages stuffed in between cookbooks on the shelf. Then I look between pages of the most commonly used cookbooks. Nothing. Arrgh!!! How can I have lost the holy grail of dolmades recipes?!?!? Next it's time to call Mother. I got the recipe from one of her books. That was insane! Here is how it went:

It's in a green book, not pea green or grass green, but something in between. It doesn't have a dust cover on it. I think the lettering on the binding is gold. Look in the index. It has a recipe for dolmades? Does the book open right up to it? *she reads ingredients aloud* I think that's it! Houston, there is no problem!!!

So, there you go. That's my uber exciting Thursday night. If anyone needs the recipe, it will officially be in possession tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008


It's Tuesday. It's been quite a week already. After being in a funky mood all day Sunday, I was at work by 7:30am Monday. I was the first person to leave at 6pm; the only reason I got to leave so early was because I had hockey tickets. (Go Stars!) Simply put, the day shift had to finish on Monday what the night shift couldn't do Saturday night (not their fault--instrument problem). It was insane! I was all freaky because I was swamped with my work, but I was expected to finish up and help with everything else. Luckily the boy jumped in to help me so I was able to get a crap load done as quickly as possible. Yay boy!

So that was work. I'm still all sickly, and that really pisses me off. I called the doctor yesterday and all he had to say (via the nurse who's super sweet) was rest, plenty of liquids, vocal rest for the rest of the week (hahahahahahahahaaaaaa!!!), and basically just take care of myself. Ya, um, I've been doing that since before Christmas. Look where that's gotten me. Granted there is no more green snot (nice visual, I know), but I sound like a dying frog. Not good for someone who gets paid to sing. Today, instead of going to movie night, I was going to come home and "rest." On the way home, I decided to go to yoga class. That's something I can do while ill. It's good for me either way. I went; it was hard; it was wonderful! Finally I feel like I've done something positive this year.

As to the situation with the XY, things seem fine. We've talked; he acted like there was nothing wrong or different. I blame hormones. Those pesky things are the same reason I was ready to personally cut out my left ovary this morning. Stupid "being a woman" business. I'm just gonna chalk it all up to this being January. Nothing good ever comes of January.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

and now...I'm home

Glad to be home after leaving 17 hours ago. What a long day. I started off by going to work (imagine that) for my Saturday duty. It was such great fun having the boy there to help me for the first time. I was actually finished in just over 8 hours. It's been eons since that happened! Then it was up to Willow Bend for a new top to wear for the evening--since the one I'd planned on wearing after work was at home on the couch. Sometimes my brilliance astounds me. Thank goodness for mega after Christmas sales. Then it was up to Denton for dinner with the XY and friends. For the most part, it was a lovely evening. The XY liked my friends, and they liked him. Now I just gotta figure out how he feels about me. I think he likes me, but he won't let me see where he lives. He gives me the "it's not you, it's me" thing about it. He says he's ashamed of the tiny, messy place. I say, so what! He's seen my hovel. I told him that I wasn't dating him because of his clothes or money or where he lives. That didn't phase him. Maybe it is him. I should try not to worry. Of course we all know that's like trying to get a leopard to change its spots. *rolls eyes at self* So, think happy thought for the spotted mouse. At least I'm home with my boys and my new down comforter!!!!! That, dear ones, makes up for just about everything. =)

Thursday, January 03, 2008

happy flippin' new year

Not that I'm not thrilled it's finally 2008, but could I have at least had a chance to ring in the new year healthy? For the first time in years, I had a date (nay, a boyfriend) on New Year's Eve, and I was sick as the proverbial dog. I felt so sorry for him! I tried to be upbeat and interesting and exciting, but really all I could do was sit and watch people have fun and try to entertain him. I'm sooooo glad that he found stuff in common with some of mine and Winny's friends. Otherwise, I would have felt like the worst girlfriend in ages.

Yep, I'm still sick. Why did I pay good money to the doctor to still be sick??? Arrgh!!! Oh well, I did get some good health news today. I don't have to go back to the rheumatologist until I start to be "symptomatic" again--and that could be years! That's a serious WOO-HOO! At least my back is starting to feel better. Yep, there was a NYE injury to be had. The XY and I were joking around playing "who's stronger" (forgetting that I am a woman who hasn't been doing my strength training exercises). I lost. I accidentally tripped (?) over his foot, fell backward, and landed back first on the back of Winny's couch. We heard my back crack--the Hbomb thought it was the couch breaking. That hurt like a sonofabitch! Actually brought tears to my eyes. Poor XY. He still feels a little bad about it.

Anyway, that's my new year in a nutshell. Sinus infection, laryngitis (some people are happy about that one), and a sore back. At least I don't have cramps! HAPPY NEW YEAR!


I just figured it out. Augmentin leaves the absolute nastiest taste ever in your mouth. Ugh!

Thank you for letting me vent.