Thursday, January 11, 2007


When I was driving to work last night, there was this crazy, obviously lit, person driving in front of me. I debated calling 911 since they were weaving all over the 3 lanes of the highway. Once they almost took out the median, and once they almost smashing into a toll booth. Is it really considered an emergency when someone is driving erratically? Should I have called 911? I have to admit, I spent most of the 4 minutes I was close to this other car as safely far away as possible without stopping in the middle of the road. I wish I could explain how scary it was. Made me think of those times you hear on the news about people on the side of the road fixing a tire or whatnot getting taken out by some lunatic.

Gah! I think the weather or time of year is getting to me. I feel like a Garbage song: "I Think I'm Paranoid." At least it's a good song.


Anonymous said...

I'd say more like obsessive rather than paranoid. Heck,,,at least you are going to a hockey game tonight and that will make everything better!

Andrew said...

absolutely I would say call 911 and give the number plate if you can. That person is obviously a danger to themselves and others.

A Naughty Mouse said...
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