Saturday, January 20, 2007

it just gets better and better

First I find out the boyfriend is (supposedly) cheating on me (there's still a smidge of benefit of the doubt). Then I cry so much my nose gets all bloody. Next, try as I might, I can't sleep without the help of melatonin. I got maybe 3 hours sleep before I went to work last night. Next, I find out the person who does my job in the daytime called in sick. Now instead of working two lab benches, I had to work two lab benches and one of those carried two shifts of work with it. At this point, you've gotta be thinking to yourself, poor girl! Can't she catch a break? The answer to that is no. After I finished the first set of 40 urine samples (how many people can say that and mean it?), the machine broke down. Again. It was only "fixed" on Monday. I wasted a good 30 minutes trying to run general diagnostics and do the usual tune ups, but no! it couldn't be bothered to remedy itself. Now, not only was I doing the work of three people, I had to do it all manually which takes 4x as long. I was only at the lab for 10.5 hours.

Now I'm back at a friend's place dogsitting. Love the dog. She wants to do nothing but play and love on me. What should I be doing? Sleeping. Can I? No way in hell. Ya, I can't wait to go back to work in 8.5 hours. :-( At least we were busy last night. Helps take the mind off the everything. Dare I risk saying it, but what will go wrong tonight?

Maybe I'll hold off on the blogging for a while until things perk up. I hate depressing blogs.

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