Saturday, May 10, 2008

weekend update

Wow, I feel like crap. I went back to work for the first time this morning. I didn't get there until about 8:25--only an hour later than my best helper ever! Luckily with 2 of us reading slides, we were finished by 2:30. SWEET! Afterward, I went by the grocery store to stock up on some of the stuff I'll be able to eat starting Monday: yogurt, low fat cream soups (an oxymoron?), applesauce, etc. To beat it all, I bought some baby food. Yes, Organic Gerber baby food. Dude, I need some variety and flavor, and I need it now! Anyway, I'll let you all know how the pureed organic sweet potatoes work for me. It's got to be better than the protein drink I've got here with me right now.

Oh, as to why I feel like crap: I think I laughed too much yesterday. Granted, this is not necessarily a bad thing. I did, also, reach a tad too far in reaching for something and carried something on the edge of my weight restriction. Oops. I've learned a valuable lesson in all that. And now, I believe my bed is hearkening to me.

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