Sunday, May 11, 2008

beautiful Sunday

Wow, today was gorgeous. Too bad I spent most of it in the lab. Silly supervisor can't schedule his way out of a paper bag sometimes. Oh well, not his fault my doc is going to Brazil and can't change my appointment for tomorrow. Thank goodness the May Boy was willing to give up some of his free Sunday time to come in and help me. We got a little more than half of tomorrow's work done today. Yippee.

Now I just have to wait until tomorrow to see what the doc is gonna let me eat. I'm not hungry at all today, and I should be. I've had next to no calories and not nearly enough protein. Oh, and I haven't taken my vitamins yet. Gotta do that.................okay, done. And 10 more calories in me.

I spent my afternoon after work over at mother's watching the local news while they broadcast the news from the field across from her house. Ya, they found a body over there this morning. Really awful Mother's Day for some poor woman. I can't even imagine. Maybe that's why I'm not hungry. Some sort of sadness for the family I never met. Or guilt for having such a loving family. Then I came home and watched Juno for the first time. Even knowing what it was all about, I still got all weepy. It was sweet, beautiful, sad, funny.... Good movie. Really glad I didn't see it in the theater though! I think I'll go and finish my pity party with a little frozen protein treat. And really, it's not that big of a treat, but I've got to eat something.

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