Sunday, May 18, 2008

it's solid

Yes, kids, I am officially on solid foods. Hell ya! Granted I'm starting with simple things, but the whole idea is exciting. Just have to remember not to take in too much at one time or I feel like I'll burst. Kinda like now, for instance. Nah, just a little full now. I made a tuna spread (ya, not too thrilling), and I had to keep tasting it to get it right spice wise. Trust me, it needed a lot. And instead of using a whole lotta mayo, I used half mayo and half low fat ricotta. Extra protein, baby! That and a lot of Penzey's spices. Thanks be to God for no spice restrictions.

In other news, I sang for the H-bomb's sister's wedding yesterday. I think it went rather well considering I had to sing immediately after the vows were taken. Okay, not that I'm a big softie or anything, but I know these people. I got a smidge teary eyed, and then I had to sing. Wow, that was interesting for the first couple of bars! :'-) Everyone loved it, especially the bride and groom which is what really mattered. Although the H-bomb's huge eye-wink and "rock on!" look almost made me crack up.

Finally, can you believe I actually turned down a lunch date Friday? I got a phone call about 10:30am asking if I could do lunch. Well, since I can't really eat anything good yet (and I looked like ass on a cracker that day), I turned him down. He asked how soon I could go out for lunch, and I estimated a couple of weeks. Let's see what happens then.... Why is it always the waaaaay older men? Meh, who cares! Bring it! He's fun, nice, honest, and uber safe. Case in point, I used to work with him. And I know his boss. Heh heh heh.

Well, I'm off to watch the rest of the Flyers/Penguins game to see who the Stars will play for the Stanley Cup. WHOOT! GO STARS!

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