Friday, May 09, 2008

the "dealio"

Okay okay okay! I give. I finally have time to blog (when my mind is not in a fog from the prescribed post-op pain meds). So for those chomping at the bit, here you go.

I had my surgery a week ago today. Things went very well, and now I am at home recovering for a few more days. I was in the hospital for a couple of days, then I was at my mother's for a few days. Now, I am able to walk, drive, and do all those sundry things people have to do on their own. I'm mostly off the pain meds, and I'm already totally off the blood pressure meds. Whoot! While the doc was in there, he also found a hiatal hernia and repaired that. Since then, I've now had a lick of reflux problem rear its ugly head. Yay! Hopefully the singing will be better sooner than anticipated.

That's about it. Nothing else exciting in my life. I'll update with more when it happens.

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