Monday, May 26, 2008


Ya ya ya. I've been off the radar for a while. Some of it was completely unintentional and part was due to an out of town "family" matter.

For those of you keeping track of the personal crap I'm dealing with, yes, I was in the hospital again this past week. I was on my way to movie night last Tuesday and needed a quick protein fix. Instead of hitting the Taco Bell drive thru (which I intended) I picked up something full of protein at the CVS when I got a prescription filled. Oh my gawd. Biggest mistake of my heretofore life. What I got was loaded with wheat gluten--a big no no. Gets all big and poofy in the tummy. About 3 hours after eating, I starting getting crampy pains in my abdomen. It kept getting worse and worse until I called the doc's office at 11:30pm (yes, I waited two and a half hours...sometimes I'm not brilliant). He said ER, I called mama, and off we went. I must admit, while it wasn't nearly as busy as the TV show ER, all the people behind the scenes were television worthy in their looks. My main nurse was cute as a freakin' button! Anywho, after about 2 gallons of blood was drawn and a CT scan was performed, I got admitted. Simply put, never again will I think that a semi private room is good enough. I obviously pissed off someone really important to get put in the room with the woman I was placed with. Don't get me wrong, I felt sorry for her and all, but DAMN! Complain much? Not like there was anything I could do about it. I was willing to share my pain meds just to knock her out. Oiy vey! Two nights of babble made me a stronger patient--I would've left that hospital even if I wasn't ready! So I was home Thursday night, back at work for a bit Friday, and back to "normal" on Saturday.

Next exciting thing was leaving town Sunday after singing to head two and a half hours south for a "family" matter. Whirlwind tour of central Texas. I'm home again, and I've had a very emotional 24+ hours. Those who know about it know. I will not elaborate here other than to say that CM is one of the most extraordinary people ever, and the kid is truly amazing. I love that kid. I did find an amazing shortcut though--such a beautiful drive home until I hit the burbs.

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