Thursday, May 15, 2008

2 week update

Well, I made it two weeks. Whoo-hoo! My risk of complications drastically dropped today. Sweeeet (in the Napoleon Dynamite voice, of course). I also decided to make today my first real(ish) food day. Lunch was Bueno--the side of pintos and cheese--and dinner was Friday's--loaded mashed potatoes. Ate half of the lunch and was stuffed. Ate only ~1/3 of the dinner and thought I was gonna die. I think I learned a valuable lesson tonight: bacon is not my friend. At least not yet. Ugh! The good side though? Still no reflux issues, my BP is still in the "normal" range, and I'm officially down 30 pounds. Go me!

In other news, the bride to be will be getting hitched this Saturday (ergo the dinner out--had to skip the rest of the bachelorette party due to tiredness and soreness left over from last night's STOMPING of the Stars over the Red Wings--omg, so worth the pain to be there to see it--but I digress). I finally found out exactly where I have to be at what time on Saturday so I can sing for the bloody affair. Ya, it's a hike, but it'll be worth it for her. Although, the best part was watching her open the gifts at the party tonight. Nothing better than Condom Sense for a good bachelorette gift! Funny, the three "older" friends (including the sister) all had the same idea and shopped at the same place. Gotta love us women! Of course, being sat in a back corner by the men's room drinking our drinks out of penis shaped straws was also a fun part of the evening. The H-bomb kept saying things like "Don't forget your penis!" and "Is that a penis in your mouth?" Wow, we are fun but juvenile! =) Now, they are all out having fun at the dueling piano bar as I type. I'm a little jealous, but my bed is sooooooooooo much more comfy than a bar stool these days. Nightie night, kiddos!

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