Wednesday, May 28, 2008

solid again

Well, after my week-o-liquids after the hospital stint, I am back on the solid foods. Again, thanks be to the gods!!! I was getting really tired of my homemade soup from the freezer. Granted, it was really good, but...everyday...every meal? Ugh! Yesterday's lunch was some stir fried tofu and carrots in a brown sauce. Yum! For dinner I was all stoked to go to Outback and get a baked sweet potato ('cause I didn't want to wait the hour plus to bake it myself). Would you believe they don't do them anymore?!? Sonsabitches! Way to ruin a girl's perfectly happy mood. Oh well, I got a plain potato instead. Not the same, but still a helluva lot better than that same soup again.

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