Sunday, March 02, 2008

Happy Texas Independence Day!

Some days are just better than others. Today is a good day so far. Usually, I'm uber depressed as hell around my birthday. Just ask my friends; they'll agree. Today has been the best birthday since the one 6 years ago. It all started yesterday.

Yesterday I did have to work, but the boy bought me Vietnamese lunch. YUM! We finished up early (granted, I was there at 7:45am), so I rocked on home for a quick nap before the night. Pretty much as soon as a got to sleep, my phone ran. It one of my BFFs who is getting married in August. She was at a store about to buy a wedding dress. Yes, it was the second time she'd tried it on but damn! You can't buy a dress without someone seeing you in it first! I flew outta bed, took the quickest shower in my personal history, and was at the store in 40 minutes. She looked beautiful so I approved the purchase. Granted, even if it'd been heinous, she was so happy and smiley I would've approved anyway. Then I let her bring me every bloody bridesmaid dress in the place for me to try on. Surprisingly, we found one that worked. Two scores in one afternoon! Then to make it even better, we wrapped it up there and went to the Stars game. They may have lost, but it was good game nonetheless. That and some random guy hit on me on the DART train.

Today, I was awakened at 7am by my father calling to sing happy birthday. Joy. I made it back to sleep and the phone rang again. This time, however, it was a personalized ring. It was my long lost buddy from South Africa! What a total sweetie! Then I did the singing thing at church, got a birthday "blessing," and went over to Mother's after to clip the talons off one of her cats. While there, she gave me the gift I've been begging for--a new stand mixer!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!! Color me super excited! I came home and proceeded to clean my kitchen and wrangle up all the stray newspapers in the house for recycling. Here I sit blogging, and when I'm finished I'm gonna take a nap and go to dinner with friends this evening. Just about a perfect day.

Addendum: The day has just been made perfect. I got flowers from the HSBF. I needed that.

If only I didn't have to be at work tomorrow morning at 5am. Ugh!

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Heather said...

Flowers, phone calls, mixer, steak and sushi socks! What more could a gal ask for on her birthday!!! Glad it was a good one for ya lady!