Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I am pathetic

At least I admit it! It's not even 8pm, and I'm fighting to stay awake. Ergo, I will blog. This has been such a long and crazy week so far. I guess it started Sunday night when the new guy and I did dinner and a movie. We saw There Will Be Blood (whoa, I can see why DDL got his Oscar--uber creepy), and it wasn't out until after midnight. Then on the way home I saw a terrible wreck (even heard about it on the news the next morning) and was jolted into a very wakeful state. I was up til about 1:30am. Waaaaaaay to late for a school night or a work night. I still made it to work nice and early Monday. Then for the past two nights, the asswipe (nee "new guy") and I were on the phone fighting until kinda late. It got to the point last night that I hung up on him. He called me back and asked if I had hung up. My response? "Yes. Why yes I did." It got worse after that. So much so that he told me I should look into prostitution since I like to screw people over (not quite the words used, but this is a public forum). Ya, needless to say, he is history. Some people! Meh, he was only supposed to be the rebound guy anyway. Can two weeks be considered rebound enough after seeing someone else for a number of months? I think so.

Well, I killed a good ten minutes here. I think I'll brush, floss, and move it into the bedroom. Maybe I'll fall asleep watching the Stars game. If my dad can do it, so can I!

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Heather said...

I'm glad you dumped him!! He sounded like such a penis wrinkle. i envy your 9pm bedtime...tonight, i shall aspire to the same greatness that is 9pm going to sleep!!