Wednesday, March 05, 2008


I am so farking tired I can hardly stand it. This is the week of training hell. The shortest day I've had yet this week was today, and it was 10.5 hours. I feel like I've gotten bombarded with parasite facts. The doc leading it all is FANTASTIC! He's a wealth of knowledge, a good instructor, and funny as hell. Unfortunately, by the end of today, I became unable to retain any of the new knowledge. It's like I'm a baseball catcher alone with multiple pitchers--catching everything thrown at me until my hands are full and I start dropping stuff and having new facts bounce off of me. Arrgh! Now I'm home, futzing on the internet, watching bad tv, and trying to kill time to stay awake. Of course I do have to be back at work at 6am. That's in just under 12 hours. I'm hoping to stay up until 8. Wish me luck.

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Heather said...

Good luck with that whole staying awake. I made it until 9:30 whoo-hoo. Looks like the weather will find me leaving work early and probably missing my workout tonight. Be safe driving home.