Thursday, February 28, 2008


Why can't people listen to me? Sometimes I really do know what I'm talking about. Take my job. Sometimes people do things a little bit incorrectly but not so much that it's wrong. I try to offer my help/insight/suggestions; it gets completely dissed. For example, I really know my shit. Hahaha. Sorry, fecal humor. Anyway, I know my parasites and their ova quite well. Somethings look a lot alike and are only differentiated by size. One of my peeps keeps calling something that I would swear on the mother of Buddha is wrong. Well, not technically wrong, but not technically right either (same genus, different species--they are medicinally treated the same). I finally had a prefect example of the "wrong" one today, told this other person about it, saved the slide, asked if they wanted to look at it, etc. Why do I bother? I might as well have said that my left buttock was on fire. GAH!

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Carla said...

love the fecal humor!!