Monday, March 24, 2008


This is a story Lisa would've gotten a huge kick out of. I'll share it with you all!

I had an appointment this morning with my rheumatologist. I hadn't been there since October, but I really thought I knew where I was going. I was a smidge late because of traffic, but I called to let them know (left a message). I parked, walked the quarter mile to the building, and took the elevator the the 6th floor. Ya, um, the office wasn't there. Maybe I had remembered the incorrect floor. So, I took the stairs down to the 5th floor. Nope, not there either. WTF? By this time I was about 15 minutes late. I took the elevator to the 8th floor (the top floor) and took the stairs all the way down stopping at every floor to check the list o' docs on the floor. Nope, my rheum wasn't anywhere to be found. Fine, I called the office, but they still weren't answering. I power walked (in non-power walking approved shoes) to the hospital information dude to ask "Where is my doctor?!?" Ya, obviously, he moved his office. Arrgh! I now had to walk another quarter mile to another building (I know all the distances because they have mile markers--go fig). By the time I finally got there, I was 20 minutes late and had some serious shin splints. At least everything, rheumatologically speaking, is fine with me. Just the routine lab work to make sure I'm still in the immunosupressant therapy free zone.

Oh, and then I had to bolt to the allergist. Would you believe they won't give me my serum if I haven't been in to see the doc in over a year? How rude! Thank goodness for days off so I can be poked and prodded and asked all sorts of stupid questions. (them: "Are you having any respiratory problems?" me: "Well, yes. Since I couldn't get my danged allergy shots from you people and it's spring in Texas, I can't quit sneezing.") Gosh, some people.

Happy pollinating!

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