Thursday, December 14, 2006

slinging the bling

Oh my good Lord. I just saw the fugliest car yet! Worse than the hot pink Caddy. This was a neonesque burnt orange Cadillac. Not only did it have the fake tire thingy on the top of the trunk, it had a second fake tire thingy on the back edge of the car. Then there were the rims. I think they could've lit a small country with all that shiny-ness. Ugh! I couldn't quite see what was on the flat panel display in the back seat, but the picture in picture was quite clear. Needless to say, the homie driving had his seat so far reclined I could barely see his head. What I did see had a cell phone jammed into his ear though. Typical. One of these days I'm gonna have to pimp out Max to look something like that.

Oh, and boo to the Stars for getting reamed by the Rangers. Boo! (I still love you though, guys.)

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, well we did see that nasty ass mauve ford focus yesterday!! Why do people feel the need to ugly out their cars??