Wednesday, December 20, 2006

motion sickness anyone?

Did you know that if you read microscope slides too quickly, you can get motion sickness. Gawd, I soooooo wanted to hurl this morning after finishing my fecals. (haha, that sounds funny) I was in a hurry because today is the boy's birthday, and I wanted to see him before he went to work. He told me last night that he didn't have to be there until about 10am. I clocked out at 8:30 (only 9.25 hours last night--and yes, I punch a time clock), flew out of the parking lot, and stopped at the 7 Eleven. I wanted to get his morning coffee for him, and I also picked up a couple doughnuts and a Coke for him. Everything a birthday boy needs, right? Anyway, I got to his place about 8:45, and I was sorely disappointed when I saw that his car wasn't there. I almost cried a little. Ya know, that little hiccuppy-gulp thing when your eyes get all watery, but no tears actually fall and you get a catch in your breath? Since my cell phone fell out of my purse somewhere yesterday (luckily at home--found it when I got home from work), I didn't have his phone number to call him. I went into the apartment leasing office and had them call his cell phone for me (they wouldn't give me the number--I guess that's safe). I had to leave a message. Pooh!!! Anywho, when I got home, he'd left me a message telling me he had to go in early after all.

So, long story short, I drank the coffee I got for him. Now I'm awake. Blech! OMG, is it really 11:37? I hope I don't have another mini-breakdown at choir tonight. Must get sleep.


Heather said...

Well, it's the thought that counts right? I remember one, screw it, I'm not going into that.

Get some sleep!! I'm sure the boy appreciated your thoughtfulness!

Heather said...

DUDE!! We have got to edit your links section!!!

Wil said...

Yes edit the links. Hey what's is up with this boy stuff? Just very curious.