Tuesday, December 26, 2006

the day after...

Ugh. Too much wonderful food. Too many wonderful gifts. Not enough sleep. Not really something to complain about, really. I didn't get the MP3 player I wanted, but I got a rice cooker. Yes, I'm so bloody excited about the rice cooker, I can hardly stand it. Guess it doesn't take much to make me happy!

There was one blemish on the holiday though. I never got to see the boy. He was supposed to have christmas lunch/dinner (whatever you want to call a mid-afternoon holiday meal) with me and Mother. I hadn't heard from him so I called at 1:30pm. He was still with his son, and he didn't think he should leave him. See, the kid's still having a hard time with the boy's divorce. Tough! Get over it! I don't really mean that. I'm being totally selfish. I told him that was fine, to give me a call later in the night, and maybe I'd come by. He didn't call until today. I was a poophead and didn't answer the call, but he didn't leave a message. I know that I'm second in this relationship circle, but all I wanted was a phone call. If I hadn't called him yesterday afternoon, would he have just not shown up at my place? As it was, it was only 1.5 hours notice of his not coming. Am I asking too much? Grrr. And I still have something else to give him. I wonder if he got me anything at all yet.

Post-holiday blahs. Too much hype, too much singing on Christmas Eve to enjoy the holiday, and not enough time with the ones I love. I'll invite you all to my pity party! =)

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Anonymous said...

Umm....and you didn't answer the phone when he was calling why??!?!?!?! Schnikes woman...sounds like you could have used a starbucks break..except that they were closed. I shall keep my fingers crossed that you hear from the boy soon...and that you leave your pity party even sooner ( is that correct grammer?)