Thursday, February 14, 2008

and so goes the Hallmark holiday

Sometimes I wonder. Who was the idiot that invented "Valentine's Day" as it stands today? It actually has some mysterious origins involving a martyred Saint Valentine. Whatever. I don't see why it had to become so commercialized. Granted, it doesn't piss me off as much as the over commercialization of Christmas, but it's definitely second on my list.

In my life I have had one, yes only one, truly memorable and thoughtful Valentine's Day gift/token from a boyfriend. I'm sorry, but the gifts from friends and parents don't count. At least according to all the commercials, stores, and internet. I can't remember the last VDay I spent with a "significant other." This year, I didn't even get a phone call. I'm sorry, but in my book, that is inexcusable. I'm sorry if someone is having "problems" or "difficulties" or whatever you want to call them. How hard is it to pick up a phone and say "Hi! Happy Valentine's Day. Sorry I can't really talk long, but I wanted you to know that I respect you enough to call." Really, is it hard? No more excuses for that one. If there is to be any sort of reconciliation, there's gonna be a lot of begging on his part. Not only me, but everyone deserves better than that.

And then to memorialize the Valentine's Day Massacre of 1929, some idiot has to go and kill five students in Illinois. What is wrong with the world? I thank God again for all my friends and family whom I love. I hope that if one of them were that disturbed, I would know. Nothing is worth any death like that. My prayers go to the families of those students and those left wounded.

By the way, that one terrific gift was 17 years ago.

Dang, I'm pathetic. I still hate the pms.

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