Friday, February 01, 2008


Not a whole lot to report, but I just thought I'd let y'all know what little is going on in my little world.

P. Whitey is not gonna make it. Beside the fact that he's not a paperwhite (okay, so I never claimed to be botanist) but an amaryllis, he didn't like being outside in 50mph winds. I'd insert a picture here, but it'd just be too sad. Poor leaves just dangled across the flower bed. *insert sobbing here*

I made yet another horsey friend today. You tell one person how to work with parasites and they invite you out to ride with them. Brilliant!

If you have a weak stomach, stop reading here. Most of you know that I just got over a kick ass case of bronchitis. Well, I really thought something was coming back. I'd been getting all sinusy the past couple of days, and my right maxillary sinus was in total pain. Then I started getting the green goo outta my nose. Finally today while I was at work, it got worse. Damn. I finally snorked up a golfball sized snot globber. Being in the lab, I took advantage of what was at my disposal. I made a smear, stained it, and looked at it under the microscope. Tons of neutrophils but no eosinophils. Some sort of infection but not an allergy problem. Luckily, there was no bacteria seen. Funny. I felt incredibly better after that, and the sinus pain is all but gone. Go fig.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your plant...I'd send you a condolence card...but they don't make them for plant loss. Perhaps they should...I'm sure Hallmark could make a decent chunk of change on grieving gardeners.