Saturday, February 16, 2008

waiting on the centrifuge

I thought I would take these 10 minutes to blog a bit. It's a gross, dreary, cold, rainy Saturday here in Texas. I have to admit that I am enjoying it. It fits my mood. No, I'm not depressed or anything, I'm just blah. Part of me is happy, another part sad, and bits of me are hopeful.

I am happy because the Boy is here at work with me today. He and his girlfriend had their valentine's dinner last night (couldn't do it Thursday because she had to study for a test on Friday--I like this girl!). He got her a necklace, and she got him an Xbox 360. Dang! Granted, today is his birthday, too, so she got a combo gift. Still! That's awesome! They are the epitome of young love. It's a great thing to see. He's over working in the hood with his laptop playing the valentines music mix he made for them. How sweet!!!

I'm sad because I'm sitting here listening to all the songs about happiness, love, devotion, and all that crap. I'll get over it. I still have not heard from the xy yet. A girl at work had the idea that maybe something happened and he couldn't call--like he was in an accident or something. I'm gonna doubt that. The odds are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to low. Of course if that is the case, I'll be even more distraught because of my lack of faith in him. But hey. At this point, I gotta look out for number one.

I am hopeful because I finally got a call from my old thesis professor. It looks like I'll be restarting the masters work come June (or August depending on my student status now--I may have to do the reapplication thing since it's been a little over a year since he and I tried this before). I really want to finish this degree! Not only because it will mean that I will have one more degree than my father. Not even because it will make me more marketable or make me more money in the long run. I want to do it to prove to myself that I can finish something I started.

Well, timer just went off on the centrifuge. Gotta get back to work. Happy Saturday you guys!

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