Thursday, February 07, 2008

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Wow. Almost a whole week since I blogged. Where does the time go? Oh ya, it goes to work. So here are a few things that have happened to me within the past week:

Last Saturday I had a little game night thingamajigger at my place. It was so much fun, but MY GOD people were here until almost 1am. That either really shows my age or my dedication to my choral job Sunday mornings. At about 12:30am I mentioned how late it was. Everyone seemed shocked that it was so late. That, my dears, is the sign of a good party.

Then there was Sunday. After church and lunch with a long lost friend, there was no rest for the weary. Half of Winny had a birthday (happy 35th!) so we all met at their place for Super Bowl/birthday festivities. During the half time, we flipped over to Guitar Hero (my 1st time to play--not too bad for a first time--84% correct) and had birthday pie. Yes, pie. As soon as the game was over--and what a fantastic 4th quarter it was!--I booked it home to watch House. Yes, I'm addicted to Hugh Laurie. Anyone who can act on a medical drama and Black Adder has my vote any day.

The work week was that. A week of work. Funny thing was that I've been "off" all week. Wednesday I thought it was Thursday. Today I thought it was Friday. I'm gonna be pissed tomorrow when I wake up and have to go to work. Doesn't help that "management" is going through a phase. I cannot wait for Saturday to arrive. I did have one unexpected happy moment this morning though. Someone brought all their leftover Christmas chocolates to work and left them on the break table. Normally that wouldn't really thrill me. HOWEVER, there were Andes mints in the mix. Hell ya! Those were the best 10 minutes of my day. *remembers the minty goodness and smiles wistfully*

So, now it's Lent. Time for fasting, reflection, contemplation, and other lenty things. I hope you all take this time to focus on what is really important in your lives. You are all my dear friends, and I love you all! Thank you for being a part of my life. =)

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