Friday, February 08, 2008

end of the week

Finally, I am at home. I don't have to go back to work until Tuesday. I can feel the weight lifting. However, check out the horrorscope for today:

Your feelings are close to the surface, making you more vulnerable today than usual. One tactic is stoicism, where you deny your sensitivity and avoid the crucial issues. The other strategy, however, is showing up as you are and sharing your less-than-rational side. Once you realize that you don't need to hide your emotions, your inner strength will also shine.

Funny how these things can seem so appropriate sometimes. With the constant work for 2 weeks, lack of communication with the XY, craziness at work, and hormones, I admitted to a friend at work that I was feeling extra sensitive. Then I read the above. I couldn't help but laugh! This weekend will help a lot. Tomorrow is a massage (after taking one of the babies to the vet to check his blood pressure and heart murmur--I know, but he's my baby!). Sunday is a whole lotta nothin'. Then Monday I'm going riding with a friend from work. Riding as in horseback not bicycling or motorcycling. My God! I'm so excited! I plan to be back to my as-normal-as-usual self by Tuesday. Granted, it ain't always that normal! =)

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