Thursday, September 21, 2006


Okay, now that I am mostly recovered from the girly afflictions of yesterday, I can freely post about the concert I had the pleasure of attending Tuesday night.

I saw Muse. I heard Muse. I felt the life pulse of Muse. I breathed Muse. I was Muse.

I've been going to concerts now for 20 years (no fooling! it may even be 21 years), and this was certainly the best stage show I've EVER seen. It was just the three of them on the large mostly barren stage. What made it amazing was (1) the quality of the music amplification (no feedback problems, perfect balance between the instruments and vocals, the way you could feel the music along with the band), (2) the energy of the band and the crowd--just being there made you feel euphoric, and last but certainly not least (3) the light show. Holy mother of pearl, it was BY FAR the best light show I'd ever witnessed. There were times when the crowd would fall quiet and look around the arena at the projected light patterns on the ceiling and walls during soft slow numbers. During "Knights of Cydonia" and "Hysteria", I could easily say it felt like I understood what it was like to be in a night time battle during the French Revolution Les Miserables style. The pulsating lights combined with strobes and ever changing colors with the video production behind the stage.... Arrgh! There is no good way to describe how bloody amazing it was!!! If I had the money and the time, I would drive to Atlanta to see the show there next week. I knew I loved this band, but now I have an even greater appreciation for them as not only musicians but as performers. And to say performers doesn't do it justice. They conveyed the emotions of the songs as well as the best opera singers.

I feel privileged to have been able to attend their show Tuesday night.

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