Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Back away from the Cheetos!

Looks like my normal "cycle" is returning. If talking (or reading) about this sort of thing bothers you, avert your eyes now. This whole bleeding every two weeks has gotten sooooooooooo old. I finally called the girlie doctor (actually about 3 times before we settled on an action plan), and I may be back on the road to normalcy. Yippee. Granted, being awakened at 6am with severe back pain and cramps was not the best way to start the day. Being able to count on insurance to pick up the tab for exams and drugs again is really gonna be sweet though!

Anyway, as per my normal monthly duty, I stopped by the store on the way to work and bought a bag of Cheetos, a bag of Doritos, a package of York peppermint patties, and a small bag of Hershey kisses. The original idea was to get something for a girl up here who's had a bad couple of days, but things kept jumping into my arms. Now, I'm fighting the urge to finish the bag of Cheetos. No...must...back...away.... Their gravitational pull is...not...strong...enough....{crunch!}


1 comment:

Heather said... copy blog cat!! haha. Crunch indeed. Man, it's sooo sad when a gal starts PMSing or bleeding...cause all that food you listed sounds sooo freaking good right now....a big old dr. pepper to drink.... CRUNCH Man!! CRUNCH.