Sunday, September 10, 2006

I know I'm loved.

By my cat.

For the past two nights in a row, Cornelius has brought me presents right as I was turning off the light to go to sleep. Beetles. Click beetles at that. At least he's not bringing me waterbugs or rodents. It's just unnerving to be all cosy in bed, having read a chapter or two in a book, ready to turn off the bedside lamp when something foreign gets placed carefully on your back or legs. Then it clicks. Then I jump off the bed screaming like a ninny. Two nights ago, I flicked it off my bead knowing he'd eventually find it again and eat it. Last night I never did find the thing; I only knew what it was by the quintessential sound it made. Ugh!

In other news, there really is no other news. I'm waiting to hear from my advisor regarding research time tables. I'm still going to be at the vet clinic working for peanuts. I love having an extra "laundry room" now (the empty room has become the ironing room). I love having good friends like Heather, Ange, and Lynn.

And as such, life goes on.


Heather said... least he's also not brining you crickets...*shudder*. I can relate to your screaming like a ninny though...cause I've done that. But only when it involved crickets...*shudders again*. I hate crickets!! But I love you! You rock.

lindl30 said...

Bugs. Ick. Our cat occasionally kills tiny lizzards and leaves them. They blend in with the carpet, so they're very hard to see. Except for their tiny black eyes. Double ick.
Heather is right about crickets. They're creepy. And they stink.
Yes, we love you! Can't imagine Sundays and Wednesdays without you. Nor the occasional Saturday night! (Need to schedule one, don't we.)