Wednesday, September 06, 2006

how could I forget

And how could the H-bomb not post it either?

Last week, we were out driving back from lunch or Starbucks or Milwaukee Joe's when two very funny things happened. First, we were passing a salon when we saw this very tall thin black woman with a huge blonde afro. At the same time we both said "Damn...'fro." Of course we cracked up because it was like human voice in stereo. A couple minutes later when we pulled into her parking lot, she was talking about having to transfer files from her computer at work to some sorta "U drive." To that, we both (again in stereo) said "!" while pointing at each other. Much more laughing ensued.

Ah...good friends!

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lindl30 said...

Hey, this makes me think of the guy at McDonald's last night - mustard yellow slacks and vest, lemon (?) yellow shirt and yellow ostrich boots. How much more mellow could a fellow be?