Monday, September 18, 2006

Monday morning blog

*sorry--I typed this Monday and forgot to post it. Enjoy*

Okay, so my mind is not functioning well enough yet to come up with a better posting title. I thought I'd go for the obvious.

Is it only Monday? So much stuff happened this weekend that it feels like it should be Thursday already. First off, I had the long awaited talk I needed to have with a friend Friday night. No, it was nothing bad, it's just one of those "talks" that sometimes has to happen between friends of the opposite sex. You know, sometimes people can get so comfortable with each other that boundaries start to fade, and things can be said or done that make the other uncomfortable. We are now both in total agreement that our strictly platonic relationship is just that--strictly platonic. Phew. Number one crisis averted.

Saturday was interesting only in that at the vet clinic, one of the techs didn't show up (thought she wasn't scheduled, and had already made other unalterable plans). I technically wasn't scheduled to be there since I'd planned on going to see the GD for her 6th birthday. Things being what they are in my life, that trip didn't happen so I went into the clinic. Thank goodness! Otherwise things would've been really nightmarish. I actually considered not going, but when I was given the keys to the drug lockbox, I knew I had to be there just in case. We had a relief vet who was tons of fun, and the schedule was light so it was an fairly easy Saturday. Started off rough because before we officially opened, we had people without appts lining up to have their pets seen. Whoops! That and I had to call the "head receptionist" to have her walk me through the task of getting the new vet set up in the computer so she could actually administer shots and meds. Trust me, it was a lot more harrowing than it sounds. The rest of the day was fan-freaking-tastic because I napped, watched Emma and some SVU, and went to bed after reading a bit of 1904 Japanese writing.

Sunday (sunday, Sunday, SUNDAY) was typical. Choir, lunch, meet with people for drinks. The only thing different was that I had a Pampered Chef party at my place. It was fun, but it got started really late due to the freaking crazy rain. After that, some of us went to a pub for dinner (bloody expensive and not even very good--must remember that). I've been so tired that I'm afraid that I just sat there like a bump on a log.

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