Saturday, September 02, 2006

cheering up

Well, things are going better now that the "work week" is over. Just left the vet clinic (almost on time) an hour ago and came to Mother's for laundry duty. Stoopid cat got on my bed this morning and tracked litter all in my sheets. Bad Cornman! Oh well, at least he's cute.

It was basically a crummy week. Said goodbye to the roomie and 20 minutes later got the form letter from NYC saying that another applicant was chosen. Smurlfeh! (that's a covered mouth version of an explitive) That night sucked royally (except for Peter coming over and and consoling me with a bottle of wine while we read my Maldives travel diary). The next day, I dragged myself outta bed to get to the vet clinic for the staff (staph?) meeting which was a total downer. At least we had free lunch. Oh, but wait--it was chicken. Arrgh!!! Can't something go right for me this week? After work was choir with everyone asking me about the NYC gig. Props to KC for bringing me a CD and chocolate to take my mind off the crapola! Thursday was spent mostly in front of the computer and on the phone trying to get resigstered for "class" this semester. It finally worked then I broke down into a total headachy mess. I think the stress finally got to me. Friday started off to be a good day at work, but it went downhill. I was supposed to leave the clinic about 6 so I could go home, get my laundry, and head out to my father's for dinner and a laundry date. Well, at 5:20pm, we started working on this one dog who was having trouble "going #1." Turns out the poor guy was blocked. When I finally left the clinic at 7:20(!), I knew I was going to be seriously late for dinner. I called and expected to be told not to bother (the bad frame of mind was back), but all was well. They were holding dindin for me. Thank the gods. Of course everything for the last 2 hours had been so stressful that I was sooooo not hungry. The ice cream with strawberries was fan-freaking-tastic though!

Now all I've got to do is relax while the sheets wash and dry then go to dinner with a friend (she's paying). Keep me in your happy thoughts. I still slip back into "worthless" mode every so often, but things are getting better. At least I'm not Job!

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