Thursday, December 13, 2007

ow ow ow ow ow ow...

Wow, ow. So I finally decided that since I'm "vacationing" for the next 5 days, I should take this time to get back into the gym routine. Ow. I printed out the list of classes for the week and decided to go to pilates this morning. I've done it before, and I know how to modify things so I don't kill myself. I'm at the gym by 9:05am, and the class is due to start at 9:15. I get my mat and my towel and I'm ready to go. Well, more people start coming in and getting mats, blankets, towels, and other sundry crap. Dude, it's pilates? Why do you need all that stuff? Hahahahahaaaaaa! Jokes on me! Ow. It was not a pilates class--it was power yoga. Emphasis on the power. Well, really, how hard can that be? I did a yoga class (granted ~5 years ago) and I found it to be rather boring. Again I say HA! By the end of the class (before the cool down) I was all sweaty and huffy and exhausted. Ow. Damn, that was a great workout. The only bad thing is that now my wrists are killing me. Stupid microscope. I guess I need to work on my downward dog a little more to strengthen the wrists. Ooh, but I did have one sweet little old lady (who totally whooped my ass in the yoga-ing) compliment me on my limberness. My mother is gonna get the biggest kick out of that!


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