Monday, December 03, 2007

oh my gawd

Thank goodness my neighborhood is relatively safe.

Being Monday, it's trash day. I get my spare key, stick it in my pocket (because invariably when taking out the trash, I'll lock myself out), and proceed to take the trash and recycling to the alley. I think I might as well just go in through the front door since I have a key in my pocket--that way I can get the paper from the street. I get out there, grab the paper, and walk to my front porch. When I open my screen door, what is that dangling from my front door but my keys. Car keys and house keys all in plain sight. Well not really because of the screen door (THANK THE GODS FOR THE SCREEN DOOR!!!) Damn. There are times I really think I'm a blonde underneath it all. All I drank at the C&B last night was club soda!!! I blame the smokers.

I deserved to be whipped with a wet noodle.

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