Wednesday, December 19, 2007

for Heather

She wants me to blog--here it is.

Lesson for the week: Be nice and courteous to people. You never know when they can really help you out.

I've been having this little problem with my car the past couple of weeks. Seems he really didn't feel like starting all the time. Seeing as that he did eventually start after a couple of cranks, I never gave it a lot of thought. Until Sunday. After the cookie party over at Winny's, I sat in my car for a good 5 minutes trying to start him. Crank, nothing, sit. Crank, nothing, sit. You get the idea. I decided the next morning (my last day of vacation) to take it up to the place where I got a new battery like 2 months ago. When I awoke the next morning, I popped the hood and noticed that the terminals were all corroded. Um, new battery? What the...? So I got those cleaned off, got him started, and tootled up to the car place. I had to get it inspected and have the oil changed anyway. Or so I thought. Did you know that you can't pass inspection with a brand new battery (which they had to give me)? Does something to the computer parts and won't pass. Whatever. Why couldn't they have inspected the car and then changed the battery. But what do I know? I'm only a girl. Oh, and they didn't charge for the battery since it was under warranty. YAY warranty! They finally got everything "fixed" and told me that my starter was going out. It could die that day, the next, next idea how long it would last.

Seems it made it until after lunch and that was it. I sat in the parking lot after lunch with mi madre and tried for what felt like ages to get him going. While I was trying all this, I called my regular mechanic, and asked how much it would be for a new starter. The oil change place had said upwards of $500. My guy said $350. Guess where I went. When I finally got there, the main mechanic laughed at the $500 estimate and said they were prolly trying to rope me into something. A brand spanking new starter would cost the garage ~$750, plus a markup, plus labor, plus whatever else they might want to charge. I got a rebuilt starter with labor and everything for the promised $350. AND, to make things even more unbelievable, they told me I could wait until Friday to pay them (since I get paid on Friday and went a little nuts on Christmas stuff for the fam).

For those who want to know, my mechanic of choice is Kiger Tire which is owned by Dennis and whose head mechanic is Dale. I never use real names here, but this is for everyone's benefit. They may not always have the best prices, but they are always honest and reliable. I cannot possibly praise them enough in this small space.

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Yes, they are a nice place!! I agree! Ok, well I've got some charts to prepare and then I"m trekking off into the wilds of south dallas. peace out homie