Saturday, December 15, 2007

culinary oh-ohs

This has not been the best week for cooking. I love to cook! It's what I do for people to make them happy. Unfortunately, I think I'm slipping.

Last weekend was my mother's birthday. She wanted me to come over and cook her dinner. Great! I love that! I asked what she wanted (within reason, of course). As a side, she mentioned that broccoli would be nice. I asked if she would like it steamed or roasted. Simply steamed was the way to go. Well, how hard is it to steam broccoli really? Obviously quite difficult. I set it on fire. How the hell can I set fire to a vegetable being steamed? Well, some of it was touching the lid of the pan in which it was being steamed. I figure that is the worst cooking disaster I would deal with this year (I mean, there are only a couple of weeks left).

Not so. Tonight, I burned couscous. WTF??? This is a dish in which you boil water, add the pasta, and turn off the fire. Nope, I burned it. I'm starting to doubt my culinary skills.


Anonymous said...

Set fire to the broccoli eh? That's not too least you haven't set fire to boiling water or something along those lines. Ehh...sorry about the car stuff lady.

Anonymous said...

Freaking blog again already. Sheesh.