Thursday, September 27, 2007

Stanley--my true love

Yes, I've named my ipod. I love my ipod. Where else can I easily switch from Radiohead to Ella Fitzgerald to Portishead to Sarah Harmer? Hmmm, why do two of those groups have "head" in their name? Odd. Anyway, good sleep last night follwed by a freaking huge peppermint mocha and good music at work has placed the naughty mouse in a much better mood today. Even the disturbing dreams of last night are but a faint memory. Even the Mayboy is better today. When he's persnickety, everyone suffers. Maybe Wednesday was just a bad day astrologically. Ya, like I believe that hooey. :-)

Six more days!!!!!

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Heather said...

Glad you finally named your I-pod. Stanley is a fine name. Perhaps you'll start naming all sorts of things, I find that when I name things, the world is right again!
For example: My ipod is Wallace, My car is JoJo....I even named my christmas trees of the past.
good times.