Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Ya, I said that. Fark on today. And this week. Arrgh!!!

Okay, that being said...I feel better now. Something about this week is just sucking arse. The insomniac girl in me has returned. Little sleep makes me cranky. Adding little sleep to the already present crankiness is not a good thing. Add that to feeling blah, seeing a good (yet somewhat depressing) movie, and reading a supposed humorous book about why it's better to admit that you are a loser than a winner...whoa. Not good for the soul.

Oh, I can't wait for next week. In 7 days and 6 hours, I'll be on a flight to Paris. Good Lord, let it come quickly!!! The wine, the cool rainy weather, the time away from poop, and the time spent with my marvelous mother. Good times are ahead!


Andrew said...

Hmmm... What was the supposed humourous book?

Heather said...

Still incredible jealous about your upcoming paris trip. *sigh*...