Monday, September 10, 2007

long time, no post

In a nutshell, not much is going on with me, and I'm fine with that!

I've gotten a clean bill of health from the doctors. Now I just have to wait and see when/if this happens again. I have faith in my physicians and God, so I'm not too worried.

I leave in 24 days for gay Paris! I'm so excited I could spit!

KMD tried to eat the flip flops again--I've just left the old one out for him. It's sooooo his now. It's amazing the damage he can do with those little needle teeth.

I still love my new vacuum cleaner. It's sucks hard!!! ;-) It does an amazing job on cat hair. Thank you Consumer Reports for your advice!

Stars season is coming up soon...I can't wait! I am a little miffed that I'm going to miss the opening game (which I have tickets for unless my Stars fairy can switch them out for me), but it's okay since I'll be in the aforementioned gay Paris.

That's it. Sorry I've not got more to report. If you want any details about the "illness," just ask. I'm not going to post about it. It's not a big deal, so I don't want to waste time and space on it.


Andrew said...

ooh ooh which vaccuum?

Andrew said...

I think I could cope with this one:

Heather said... sucks hard!! Does it blow per chance??? by the way, I've blogged. THank you very much.