Friday, September 19, 2008


I'm hosting Game Night tonight. I planned it since my house is (relatively) clean. Why not have my best friends over for a night of fun, right? Well, as of last Wednesday I've been feeling kinda crummy. I blamed it on allergies and the constant construction up at work. Well, I left work yesterday and haven't been back since. I still feel crummy. Yep, my head is ouchy, my body is achy, and I just generally feel like poo. I must prevail! I'm not gonna worry too much about tonight. I've got plenty of snack foods and soft drinks. The main room is clean enough for everyone, and all my friends understand that doing something on a Friday night is iffy anyway. Anywho, wish me luck kiddos. Oh, and btw, two of my friends who were planning on coming tonight also feel like ass crack. One backed out, and one hasn't decided yet. I sooooooooo understand guys!!!

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Anonymous said...

I am so sorry on not being there Sin. We were sitting on standby because we were waiting to see if Naomi (Jen's Sister) needed us to baby.

By the time they called us to say thet they were good it was too late and we were drained.

If no one made it then maybe you should set it for another night.

Again sorry.