Friday, September 05, 2008

the most random Friday ever

It's only halfway through the day, and so many bizarre/strange things have already happened. Maybe if I blog about them now, the rest of the day will be "normal."

First off, I was so stoked because I had a hair appointment this morning at 10am. I haven't had my hair cut in, um, I have no idea how long. It is so in need of shaping I could spit. So I head outta my place about 9:30--that gives me 30 mintes to get there right? Well, depending on how well you know me, you know it actually takes me a while to get out of the house. I forgot my phone: go back inside. I forgot to check which classroom my seminar was meeting in today at noon: go back inside and look it up online. Dang it! I forgot to take my vitamins: go back inside. So at this point it's 9:45--15 minutes to get there. Dagnabit! Needless to day, I wasn't necessarily the slowest person on the road. However, I wasn't passing anyone either. When I passed the cop hiding behind some bushes with his radar gun out, I knew I was toast. Yup, he pulled out as soon as he had the opportunity. Know what? He pulled over the guy behind me! Sweeeeeeet!!! While I'm sorry for the Caddy driving behind me, he was speeding, too. Thank the good Lord, my deferred adjudication wasn't screwed up by all that. I then obeyed the speed limit (to every other driver's chagrin) the rest of the way to the salon. Oh ya, I was on time, too.

Funny that I was on time. My stylist was not. Turns out no one ever told him last night that he had an early appointment (he normally doesn't go in until about noon). He felt awful when the front person called him and said he could be there by 11am; however, I had to be on the road for class in Arlington by then. Whoops. I just made a new appointment for tomorrow. In the mean time, my hair was a mess. I asked if there was anyone available to just wash my hair for me since I (at this point) really didn't have time to go home and do it myself. Not only did someone wash my hair, she then dried it for me, AND they didn't charge me a cent. How sweet is that?

You think that'd be enough randomness for one day right? No. Finally out at UTA (pronounced "ooh-tawh" in my world), I realized my seminar class is gonna kill me. That in itself was not too bad. I then had to go deal with parking issues. I forgot to get a parking permit when I registered, and since my parking fee in the garage was $5.75 for 2.5 hours, I needed the permit. I'm not paying that much or more every time I go out there! Then my thesis professor "forgot" we had a meeting after my class. I'm gonna kill this man. Yarrgh!

By the time I finally left the campus a little after 2pm, I was starvigating. What could I get that was high protein, low-ish fat and carbs, and portable? I did the drive through at McD's (not my fave, but hey, it's cheap) and got a McNugget Happy Meal. No, I didn't finish it. In fact, I picked off half of the "breading" and only ate half the fries. But onto the weirdness of the experience.... While I was waiting for my box of delight, a bee flew in my car. Dammit! I've only ever been stung once, and I want to keep it that way. Well, I opened the passender window and the sunroof. When it landed on my water bottle, I picked it up and bumped it on the roof through the sunroof. Aha! The bee was gone! Well, before I could close the windows and sunroof, the little bugger was back in my car. I almost had a really girly moment and freaked out. Deep breath. The windows got closed and the sunroof reopened. When it finally landed on a piece of paper, I tried to fling him out the sunroof. Little bastard must have had sticky goo on its feet because it wouldn't let go! Guess what I did? I closed the sunroof with the paper still sticking out. Yes, it prolly looked all white trash, but the bee was out of my car for good. By the time I got to the highway, he was gone. Then I had to get the paper back inside--couldn't be caught littering!

Wish me luck. I still have many hours left in this day.

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Anonymous said...

Wishing you luck and whatever else it takes to get you through this day with no more mishaps!