Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Okay, so I'm watching reruns of Sex in the City, and an interesting question was posed. I'm going to pose it here. Please add a comment (anonymously or not) and let me know your answer/thoughts.

Do all women really just want to be rescued?


Andrew said...

No, "all women" do not just want to be rescued. For a start, who the hell came up with "all women"...
Yes, everyone does want to be rescued from this world - it's no paradise...

phiela said...

I can't speak for all women... but as for me, I'd have to say sort of. While I don't feel I am some maiden in distress who needs a man to come save her from the big bad world, I do long to be under the protection and care of a husband. It's pretty Biblical, when you think about it. The whole man as the head of the household bit... caring and protecting and serving his wife as she serves and encourages him... so.. not to say that every woman is called to marriage.. but in a way, in 'being rescued' we're actually fulfilling our Creator's design of a helpmate... and yes, that analogy breaks down after a while, and yes, I'm idealistic and most definitely old-fashioned... and I ramble and don't make much sense.. so sue me :)

Millipatch (JCC) said...

I think everyone (males and females alike) want to be rescued. I think women are much more picky about WHO that someone MUST be (lists and more lists) and get more into the fantasy aspect (if you're waiting for Mr or Ms Perfect you'll wait forever ;). But all in all people long to be taken care of (perhaps bc we all have childhood wounds we are subconsciously seeking to heal). In the end must of us get caught off guard when we realize no one can do that for us, all they can do is walk beside us as we heal our own lives. There ya go Sin...my "two cents". :)

Army of Mom said...

That is a good question. I think that it depends.

I don't want to be rescued. I get really mad when Army of Dad tries to rescue me whenever I have a problem. I just want his support and assistance. I don't want him to DO it.

With that said, I do believe in chivalry. I expect a man to be the head of the household. I expect him to be the primary breadwinner. I expect him to be strong and protect me physically.

I fell in love with my husband a week after I met him. Do you want to know why? He made me feel safe in a way I had never felt with a man before. I'm a very strong woman and I have NEVER relied on a man. I often wore the pants in a relationship. But, when I met this man - he is a man's man - and the first time we really went out on the town in San Antonio, he was cautious. He was alert and aware of our surroundings and he was big and strong. I felt safe. At that point, I could relax for one of the first times in my life. When I took that deep breath - I fell in love with him.

So, I wouldn't say I wanted to be rescued. But, it sure is nice to be protected.

make sense?

Anonymous said...

No, all women do not want to be rescued! I speak from experience. I hate it when someone just assumes that because I'm female, I can't take care of myself. If I want someone's shoulder to lean on, then it's different, but I do no expect a man to come in and "take care of the little woman"

In closing...Boo on Sex and the City. That is all.

Is it friday yet?!?!?!?

A Naughty Mouse said...

You people rock. Thanks for validating my faith in self and lack of faith in popular culture!